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REVIEWS YOU CAN IEWS by Eric Roach and Anderson Lawfer

“[Song For a Future Generation] can only be described as a neon- striped success.”

~Chicago Weekly

“The folks at Lights Out Theatre Company sure have loads of chutzpah….” Tom Williams, Chicago Theatre Critic

“Director Mary Rose O’Connor has assembled a fresh, lively cast who manage to keep the tone just right….” Chicago Theatre Addict

“…moments like the cast’s tour de force ‘Rock Lobster’ dance number make us wish this party would last longer…” Time Out Chicago

“Kudos to the young artists at Lights Out Theatre troupe for stretching boundaries. …. The sheer energy and raw talent of this cast will impress you.” Tom Williams, Chicago Theatre Critic

“energetic and committed”

~Time Out Chicago

“an outrageous celebration of one of the sappiest eras in the history of American film.”Chicago Weekly

“Laughter ricocheted off the theater’s walls every time the actors began their synchronized swaying and goose-stepping to tracks reminiscent of any soft-focus prom scene from a quarter century ago.” Chicago Weekly

“…slyly choreographed by Anna Lucero,” Time Out Chicago

“The cast rockets with pure octane energy.” Chicago Theatre Blog

“The costumes (Bradley Burgess-Donaleski) and hairstyles are a fun, sexy, hot mess.” Chicago Theatre Blog


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