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Mary Rose O’Connor* (Producing Artistic Director) is happiest when she is completely immersed in Lights Out Theatre Company. Mary enjoys holding business meetings at Taqueria El Ranchito in Uptown, making themed playlists, and whipping her hair, back and forth. Mary writes, directs, acts, and designs with Lights Out . She interned at Steppenwolf for a year and has also worked with Mary-Arrchie, Caffiene Theatre, The Gift, SiNNERMAN Ensemble and Seanachai Theatre Company, of which she is also a company member. She could never have gotten this far without style tips from David Bowie or learning the meaning of  life from Liza Minnelli.

R. Alex Kliner* (Executive Artistic Director) is honored to help conceive Lights Out Theatre Company alongside some of the most talented people working in theatre today. A recent transplant to Chicago, Alex has been acting, directing, music directing, and sound designing in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area for several years. Outside of theatre, Alex enjoys playing any instrument with keys, winning arguments on the internet, and free-style rapping about seafood. He is currently working to complete his debut album (available in Singapore, exclusively) which combines all three in a tribute to Hillary Clinton. Alex holds a BA in Theatre Performance from Towson University and a Graduate Certificate in Arts Management from American University.

Bradley Burgess-Donaleski (Operations Manager) is tickled pink to service the ranks of Chicago’s most titilating up-and-comers.  Does this sound naughty to you?  Good- because Bradley wouldn’t have it any other way.  Bradley received his BS in Theatre (this is what irony looks like on paper) from Towson University, where he first met the spirited youths that would later become Lights Out Theatre Company.  After building hefty resumes as an actor and director, Bradley is super-jazzed (thrilled was already taken… several times) to serve as LOTC’s Operations Manager, thereby fulfilling his lifelong goal of being able to use the words “black” and “red” as fiscal adjectives.  Bradley was recently seen as Grandma in Moosehumps and Mr. Mortimer in Moosehumps 2.0. He also designed costumes for LOTC’s World Premiere of Song for a Future Generation by Joe Tracz.  Bradley is a single Taurus who enjoys long walks to the Taco Bell, quiet evenings by the television, and writing about himself in the third person.

Christina Dougherty (Resident Stage Manager) likes glue guns, making lists, and beer.  Thus, it was only natural that she fell in with this group of charming hooligans and became their resident stage manager. Though Christina generally prefers the shadows and blue light of the booth, she comes out of hiding once a year to play various inanimate objects in Lights Out’s Halloween series, MooseHumps. She has also stage managed for the kind people at Mary-Arrchie and The Factory Theater. Christina has a B.A. in History from Bryn Mawr (which is essentially like being a Research Ninja).

Jaclyn Keough is so incredibly happy to be reunited with her closest friends and working with Lights Out– and will tell you so at least 47 times if she has had 5 or more drinks. After graduating with a very practical BS in Acting from Towson University in 2008 (notice a trend folks?), Jackie was yearning for a new city and preferably one that would get deathly cold from December through April. So naturally, she chose Chicago! When Jackie is not hanging out with the Lights Out gang, you can find her skating for the Windy City Rollers under the name Miracle Whipya! She also enjoys chasing squirrels, reading the missed connections on Craig’s List and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee.

Bobby Libby (Social Media Manager) is thrilled to be working with some of his best and longest friends after relocating from the Washington, DC area. Like 95% of Lights Out, he is a graduate of Towson University with an oh-so-employable Bachelor of Science in Theatre. Some of his favorite things to do in Chicago include: contributing to his growing beer belly, laughing at people complaining about the El (after surviving years of the DC Metro), and being distrustful of how damn nice and polite people are here. Most of all, he loves the theatre, even more than he loves his DV-R (though it is a close second). Bobby takes TV pretty seriously and will gladly fight you if you disagree with his impeccable television taste. And by fight, he means debate, as he is a little pacifist girly-boy.

Anna Lucero is very lucky to be a company member with Lights Out, as she is extraordinarily fickle when it comes to returning phone calls.  She moved to Chicago in 2005 and found many other  thespians able to out-drink her.  Anna, being a spiteful competitor and a feminist, resolved to fight exclusion from the boys-club of drunken, post- improv banter.  Though she found immense success, Anna thought this an unfulfilling pursuit.  This led her to cosmetology school and employment at State Street Barbers.   Anna now has the pleasure of paying her bills on time.  In addition to working with Lights Out Theatre Company she performs with BareBoned Theatre Company in The Ville, frequents taquerias, and thinks fondly of  that month that she went to the gym.

Christopher L. Moore* (Public Relations Manager) is totally stoked to be in Chi-town. Before moving to Chicago, Chris graduated from Towson University with an acting degree, and was teaching acting/modeling classes and modeling full time in Baltimore and DC. He visited some of his fellow members of Lights Out Theatre Company in Chicago who introduced him to the wonderful world of comedy and deep dish pizza. Almost immediately, Christopher stepped off of the runway, told his trainer to suck it, and jumped on the first flight to Chicago. Chris now enjoys eating full time, but not as much as he enjoys working with such a wonderful company of amazing people. Christopher would like to give a shout out to TKE Fraternity, Bodyworks Tannery, and Svedka Imported Swedish Vodka

Jessica Neilson* is tremendously excited to be a part of Lights Out Theatre Company. She holds a BS in Theatre Performance from Towson University. In working with the beloved members of Lights Out, Jessica dreams of hosting many company sleepovers and pillow fights to aid the artistic process. Since moving to Chicago, Jessica has taken some time to find herself, in the form of treetop meditation, and attempts to scale tall buildings in her quest to become the new Batman. As these endeavors have mostly led to her multiple arrests, Jessica is now ready to expend all of her energy on the fantastical world of Lights Out Theatre Company. When not at work, Jessica enjoys exploring bizarre theatre on her European travels, spinning yarns about strangers on the train, and falling down in public.

Haily Wineland* (Audience Development Coordinator) is elated to be a company member of Lights Out Theatre Company. Known for her trademark snark and luscious blonde locks, Haily is a recent transplant to Chicago and originally hails from Maryland’s eastern shore. A graduate of Towson University, she moved to Chicago after hearing about its wonderful theatre scene and its even better drinking scene. An actress at heart, Haily is known for bringing dedication and passion to whatever she does and is thrilled to have found an ensemble she can share that with. When not on the stage, Haily can most likely be found trying to learn how to ride a bike.

*Founding member


artistic associates.

Drew Hann, Associate Director

Allison Ernst, Graphic  Designer

Kate Bateman, Graphic Designer

Eric Guerrero, Print Designer


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