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Mission and History


Lights Out Theatre Company is a company of multi-disciplined artists dedicated to serving Chicago audiences with fresh and provocative theatrical productions. United under the common goal to bring new ideas, voices, and audiences into the theatre, LOTC seeks to create works that are relevant, risky, and transcendent of tradition and genre.


Lights Out Theatre Company has been the dream of its founders for several years and was finally realized in the fall of 2008. All graduates of Towson University’s Department of Theatre Arts (Baltimore, MD), the founders formed with the goal of creating unique and exciting productions as an ensemble of multi-disciplinary theatre artists.
Strongly protesting the expectation for a theatre artist to narrow himself down to one category, the company is committed to unifying the entire creative process by consistently leveraging each of its ensemble members’ creative, technical, and literary strengths. Humble company meetings began on the floor of an apartment eating cookies, reading scripts, discussing theatre theory, artistic goals, and the shared passion of bringing new audiences into the theatre.


We believe that artists should perform and administer every theatrical event with the same amount of energy as a rock concert, and that everyone who comes to see theatre will leave with that same energy.

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