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December 10, 2009 / lotcchicago

Mary O’Connor is all over PCP

1. How did the name Poverty Christmas Pageant come about?

LOTC was operating under the name Unicorn Christmas Pageant for a long while, and we knew we wanted this evening to have the campiness and spirit of children’s christmas pageant while still being up-to-date and not completely playing the ironic. As the cast researched and the work kept coming back to the economy, Poverty Christmas Pageant became the more appropriate title. Though unicorns may or may not have a minor role in this show.

2.Chicago is known for its improv and sketch scene, what do you think makes this show stand out from other sketch comedy shows in Chicago?

I have seen quite a bit of improv and sketch, and holiday sketch. I think LOTC’s finish is what sets it out among the rest. In the tradition of sketch, it has its absurd and quick humor, but with artistic transitions and musical numbers that only a team of theatre artists could really execute. Also not everything is deliberately funny. There’s some really touching elements to this piece that give it a full, well rounded polish.

3. LOTC’s mission is to do work that is relevant and risky, how do you think PCP falls into that?

PCP covers everything from up-to-date pop culture references, to political news, to just being in tune with our generation’s feeling towards the holidays and our financial climate. (Sound stuffy? it’s not) Putting on a show with a bunch of kids from Baltimore and standing their work up against the competitive comedy scene of Chicago is a huge risk that director Anna Lucero has taken with confidence and gusto.  And all of these performers are fully invested in what they’re saying, singing, and doing with their bodies.

4. What about PCP are you most excited to share with its audience?

The original music is really impressive. But what a lot of people don’t know coming to the show, and sometimes leaving, is that so much of PCP is written from personal experience. So PCP is a big inside look into the lives of these performers. Also we have holiday treats to share if you contribute to our clothing/food drive.

5. What would you like for Christmas? and What do you need for Christmas?

 This is literally my Christmas List of wants: 1. Subscriptions to The New Yorker and American Theatre Magazine. 2. A Snuggy 3. The dvd collections of Mad Men and The Wire 4. Pretty dresses 5. a kitten. 6. A lifetime supply of RAPA brand scrapple

I need: Boots, Money, Food, A Coffee Maker.


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