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December 4, 2009 / lotcchicago

My life on PCP: Direct quotes from Jaclyn Keough

Derby Diva Jackie Keough discusses life on PCP, and of course, Unicorns

1. How did the name Poverty Christmas Pageant come about?

A unicorn by the name of Tabitha Pageant had a lustful one night stand with a leprechaun on a cold Christmas Eve. When she gave birth, she had no money so she named her baby Poverty. And thus, Poverty Christmas Pageant was born.

2.Chicago is known for its improv and sketch scene, what do you think makes this show stand out from other sketch comedy shows in Chicago?

Two words: Anna. Lucero.

3. LOTC’s mission is to do work that is relevant and risky, how do you think PCP falls into that?

I think any time you’re writing and performing comedic material there is risk involved. You have to think “What will make people laugh?” and then find a way to play it honestly and not point to ‘the funny.’ It’s a very fine and difficult line to walk.

4. What about PCP are you most excited to share with its audience?

Definitely our original music and a sassy lady named Georgia…

5. What would you like for Christmas? and What do you need for Christmas?

I would like some money. I NEED a pony.


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