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December 2, 2009 / lotcchicago

Alex Kliner on PCP

How did the name Poverty Christmas Pageant come about

For the longest time we were going with “Poverty Pageant”…and then we realized that if it were titled the “Poverty Christmas Pageant”, we could call it “PCP”.

LOTC’s mission is to do work that is relevant and risky, how do you think PCP falls into that?

This really isn’t your average sketch show. The scenes have a sense of unity, and all aspects of production are approached with more theatrical sensibilities (transitions, lighting design, etc.). Also, there is a lot of heart and sincerity in this show. Mix that with some live music…and you’ve got a very LOTC take on sketch comedy.

What about PCP are you most excited to share with its audience?

The original music.

What would you like for Christmas? and What do you need for Christmas?

For Christmas, I would like my first proper ‘parka’ (my first winter off the east coast).  I NEED TO PAY MY RENT, THOUGH.


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